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Are you confronted with an uncertain future as a result of an accusation or criminal investigation? Are you at risk of losing your freedom, livelihood, and reputation?

▹ Our experience, tenacity, and innovative litigation yields unparalleled results. Our personal attention and dedication provide peace of mind.



Jenn represents clients during some of the most stressful and traumatic times of their life. She is driven to provide the best possible outcome for her clients and has a deep appreciation and understanding that each person is more than the worst thing they’ve ever done.

Jenn Kilpatrick


Jennifer Kilpatrick is an experienced trial attorney who represents individuals under investigation or charged with serious criminal offenses. From misdemeanor cases to the most serious felonies, Jenn practices in state courts throughout Colorado.


I hired Jennifer based on a recommendation and I can say that I do not think anyone in the state would have worked harder for me or gotten a better resolution for my case than Jennifer did. She is extremely knowledgeable--having been a CO state public defender in the past, she has taken on hundreds of cases and knew things only an insider would. She worked countless hours on my case to ensure the best outcome and gave me priceless advice on mitigation. There were times that I would receive more information for my case, and she was always ready to help explain it in a way I could understand. She was available when I needed her and was extremely professional both in court and outside of it. I cannot say enough great things about Jenn. If you need an A+ lawyer, then I wouldn’t think twice about hiring her. In my honest opinion, you will not find a more caring, thorough, and professional lawyer in the state.”