Jennifer Kilpatrick represents people during some of the most stressful and traumatic times of their lives. She is driven to provide the best possible outcome, and has an appreciation and understanding that each person is more than the worst thing they’ve ever done.

From your first phone call to the end of the case, Jenn will personally handle your matter. Jenn believes that the attorney-client relationship is built on mutual trust and works to develop a personal relationship with each and every client. Jenn is warm, friendly, and has a wry sense of humor that puts clients and their families at ease. She consistently communicates with clients and provides timely updates regarding the status of the case. Jenn sees herself as a trusted advisor, counselor, and advocate who provides clients with compassionate and candid advice.

Jenn is a skilled negotiator and works to provide prosecutors with an understanding of her client’s background, mitigating factors, weaknesses of the case, and compelling reasons to provide a favorable offer. Jenn has successfully negotiated complete dismissal of charges, reduced charges, and lowered sentences in hundreds of cases.

Above all else, Jenn is at home in the courtroom fighting for her clients. Jenn honed her litigation and trial skills at the public defender’s office where she learned from some of Colorado’s most experienced criminal defense attorneys. Jenn believes aggressive and smart pre-trial litigation is key to successful results at trial. She engages in a vigorous motions practice to challenge the prosecution’s evidence prior to trial and set the stage for the best defense. At trial, Jenn uses her formidable track record and experience to her advantage. Jenn has taken nearly 50 cases to jury trial and has consistently succeeded in securing acquittals and other favorable outcomes. From jury selection to closing argument, Jenn connects with jurors to persuasively tell her client’s side of the story and win.

Jenn Kilpatrick

In all cases, Jenn educates her clients about the court process and their rights, outlines her client’s goals, and spends time understanding the case from her client’s perspective. After a thorough review of the discovery and evidence, Jenn provides a well thought out strategy to achieve her client’s best outcome. Whether a client is seeking to resolve the case with a favorable plea bargain or litigate the issues at trial, Jenn believes that hard work, not bravado, creates better results.

When a defense team is necessary, Jenn retains highly skilled private investigators, experts, mitigation experts, social workers, and other trusted attorneys.