Domestic Violence

Domestic violence allegations have the potential to ruin the reputation of the accused, impact future employment opportunities, and break up families. In Colorado, a domestic violence conviction, no matter how minor, cannot be sealed and will remain on a person’s record for their lifetime. With any domestic violence conviction there is required costly treatment and therapy.

Jennifer Kilpatrick has represented hundreds of individuals charged with domestic violence. With the understanding that no two cases are the same, Jenn works to achieve the best result for her client with thorough investigation of the facts, challenging the prosecution’s experts, and calling into the question the credibility of the accuser. Jenn has received numerous not guilty verdicts on misdemeanor and felony charges at trial and on other occasions has successfully convinced the prosecution to dismiss charges prior to trial.

When appropriate and at the request of her client, Jenn has negotiated lesser charges and helped her clients navigate compliance with mandatory protection orders and treatment requirements. In addition, Jenn defends clients at permanent protection order hearings.

Jenn defends client’s charged with:

Third Degree Assault
Second Degree Assault
First Degree Assault
Attempted Murder
Sexual Assault
Criminal Mischief 
Obstruction of Telephone Services
Violation of Protection Order