Allegations of Driving Under the Influence have significant ramifications for any person. Jenn works with her clients to develop a superior defense strategy. She is an experienced trial attorney and has received numerous not guilty verdicts on allegations of DUI.

When Jenn’s clients seek to resolve her case with a plea bargain, she crafts an unmatched negotiation strategy. Most importantly, Jenn persuasively presents her clients story to the court and routinely receives minimum or reduced sentences. Jenn believes that DUI cases should be taken seriously and advises all clients to enroll in Level II alcohol education as soon as possible. Frequently, an effective defense strategy demands that clients participate in additional treatment and therapy. Jenn helps her clients find the best possible treatment and guide them to superior providers. Ultimately, it is Jenn’s goal to help her clients move forward from a DUI case into a happier and healthier life.

A DUI or DWAI sentence in Colorado may require a period of incarceration, probation, alcohol evaluation and treatment, useful public service, and MADD or Victim Impact Panel. In addition, there are significant court costs and fees. In 2016, The Colorado Department of Transportation estimated the average out-of-pocket expenses associated with a first time DUI. The estimated costs assume that no one was injured and that no property damage was sustained. The overall costs of each of these items has only increased since 2016 and the overall cost of a DUI increases every year.

Colorado Department of Transportation

As of September 2019, Jenn only accepts DUI cases on a limited basis.