Marijuana Enforcement Division Investigations

Jennifer Kilpatrick represents cannabis professionals and individuals under criminal investigation by the Marijuana Enforcement Division (“MED”). Jenn ensures that the MED’s enforcement practices that include surveillance at licensed premises, financial investigations, tax audits, compliance inspections and monitoring of the inventory tracking for anomalies comport with her client’s state and federal constitutional rights. 

When a MED investigation turns criminal, Jenn thoroughly investigates the allegations prior to the filing of charges. Jenn has successfully avoided the filing of criminal charges, including DF1 level distribution, against cannabis professionals in several Colorado counties. 

In the event that charges are filed, Jenn works to negotiate favorable dispositions that avoid the loss of a MED occupational license and other negative collateral consequences. When necessary, Jenn, a seasoned litigator, employs innovative technology, cannabis industry knowledge, and her advocacy skills to advocate for her clients at trial and win.