Misdemeanor Offenses

Jennifer Kilpatrick regularly represents clients charged with misdemeanor offenses. Jenn understands that all criminal cases are stressful and significant. Regardless of the charge or severity of the offense, Jenn works tirelessly to provide the best possible outcome for her clients. 

Jenn carefully reviews the discovery in the case, thoroughly investigates the allegations, and creates a litigation strategy based on her client’s individual goals. Whether Jenn’s clients want to seek a plea bargain or seek to litigate the issues at trial, she believes that superior preparation, legal knowledge, and experience in the courtroom are key to obtaining the results her client’s want and need. 

Jenn is frequently is able to secure dismissals for her clients charged with misdemeanor offenses without the stress and expense of trial through pre-trial investigation and negotiations. 

Jenn routinely defends clients charged with:

Criminal Mischief 
Child Abuse
Resisting Arrest
Obstruction of Government Operations
Animal Cruelty