Sexual Assault & Sexual Offenses

Sexual assault allegations are some of the most serious and devastating allegations a person can face. A mere accusation can damage a person’s reputation and livelihood. In Colorado, many sex crimes carry an indeterminate life sentence, require registrations as a sex offender, and entail costly and invasive sex offense treatment.

Jennifer Kilpatrick appreciates the stress and impacts of a false accusation. Jenn aggressively defends these allegations by thoroughly investigating the facts of the case and the credibility of the accuser.  Jenn investigates the motivation of the accuser through witness interviews, social media searches, records requests, and a detailed review of the police reports. With an appreciation that no two allegations are the same, she works to craft a litigation strategy unique to her client’s case. Jenn believes that comprehensive preparation is essential to a successful outcome. She works tirelessly on each case and often retains psychological, medical, or forensic experts.

With zealous pre-trial litigation and advocacy, Jenn has successfully convinced law enforcement not to file charges and prosecutors to dismiss and reduce charges prior to trial. At trial, Jenn has received numerous not guilty verdicts on sexual assault allegations.

In addition to sexual assault allegations, Jenn has represented individuals under investigation or charged with sexual exploitation of child, internet luring, indecent exposure, failure to register as a sex offender, unlawful sexual contact, and sexual assault on a child.